Fins for scuba diving

Fin for scuba diving

  • Open heel for professional diving
  • Large drag reducing vents with shorter fin blade – ideal for travel
  • Larger fin pocket accomodates variety of boots with comfort
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable fin blade
  • Quick-release buckle/adjustable strap

Product Description


Angled fins ensure the best angle of attack for each kicking stroke. Fins side rails and center channel direct thrust behind the diver for maximum propulsion. Vents at the base of the blade improve water flow down the length of the blade for greater efficiency. High-stretch heel strap is fully adjustable and easy to slip on and off. Foot pocket posts also accept standard quick-release buckle fin strap assemblies. Streamlined foot pocket design accommodates a wide range of boot styles. Textured sole provides traction on boat decks and slick surfaces. Compact blade is easy to pack and great for maneuvering in tight spaces


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